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My name is Leora Winter, and I am an aspiring author and illustrator located in the Canadian Maritimes. I write about living with a chronic illness, my holistic mental health recovery, and why hope isn’t lost even when it sometimes feels like it.

It is my intention for the Paperfrost Patron Community here on Locals to be a place where kindred spirits can find encouragement, inspiration, and the courage to embrace their imaginations and big dreams! With just enough hope, a little creativity, and a supportive community we are all capable of reaching our fullest potential. 💜

Behind the Name

Paper is the blank page–endless possibility–a space to share; frost is surprising beauty created in frozen darkness sparking in the light of dawn…the dazzling power of our creative self-expression!

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Community Guidelines

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There are four house rules. I think you’ll like them.

Rule #1: Cultivate a Culture of Peace and Hope 🕊🤍

{No Political Fear P0rn, Rage Bait, or Blackpills}

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I am an anarchist (agorism makes sense) who supports the anti-war movement. But while I love meeting other anarchists, I hate echo-chambers and welcome everyone from across the political and religious spectrum! 😊

If you are a conservative or libertarian, you probably already know the platform we are using to host this community, Locals, was created as a “free-speech” alternative to Patreon, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms heavily engaged in censoring creators during the pandemic.

This means many of the other content creators on this website are focused on politics. (Yes, I do follow Michael Malice, Karlyn Borysenko, and Viva Frei on here! 😊🏴)

However, I think we all need an oasis away from what can often be a demoralizing subject.

Creative expression can be a healthy outlet for the emotions we are processing due to our propagandized environment, but I want to encourage everyone to chose vulnerability over outrage, compassion over the tribalistic-group-think promoted by the culture war, and to step way from “the noise” of politics. If we want to participate in a healthier counter-culture, it is up to us to create it.

Wouldn’t it be something if we could create an online space where progressives and conservatives, socialists and libertarians, anarchocommunists and anarchocapitalists, might be able to get along?

Rule #2: Embrace an Encouraging Environment 🦋🎨🧵🧶

{No Unsolicited or Harsh Critiques}

Whether a Paperfrost Patron is posting her creative work with the community, or sharing from the heart, please offer her your genuine support.

It’s all right to give advice when it is requested, but remember that criticism can be overwhelming and defeating in excess.

When we are embracing change and challenge, praise and validation can go a long way in keeping our spirits high and our forward momentum from halting.

Rule #3: Be Kind to Yourself, and Kind to Others 🧡💛💚💙💜

{No Abusive Behavior}

Please refrain from:

  • berating yourself or others
  • personal attacks or insults
  • trolling or spamming
  • posting pornographic, violent, or otherwise illicit content

Rule #4: Adults Only 🔞

{You MUST Be 18+}

I believe the internet is a wholly inappropriate environment for children and teenagers under the age of 18-years-old.

My community here on Locals is no exception. Some of my graphic novels and comics deal with mature themes.

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